Andy and Lisa Kehmeier

As a general dentist I have enjoyed all aspects of dentistry over the 35 years I have been in practice.  We offer a wide range of services for our patients, including oral surgery, endodontics, prosthetics, cosmetic dentistry, Clear Correct orthodontics, botulin toxin therapy (BTT), dermal fillers and Kybella..  Having the option of using BTT for head and neck pain and also for esthetic purposes is a new and exciting aspect of my dental practice.  Both of these types of injections not only demand that the practitioner has a strong knowledge of the facial anatomy and is well practiced in giving injections but that they have an artistic eye.  As a dentist I give thousands of injections over the course of a year and I am constantly looking at my work in 3d.  All of these qualities enhance the patients experience when receiving botulin toxin and dermal filler treatments.  I also rely heavily on my wife and partner, Lisa.  She keeps up on all of the latest trends in esthetics and assists in the esthetic process constantly analyzing the results from the injections and offering a female point of view.

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Dr. Andy Kehmeier, DDS

I graduated with a major in biology and pre-dentistry from Kansas State University in 1978.  I attended and graduated from Boyne School of Dentistry at Creighton University in 1982 with a degree in doctor of dental surgery.  Upon Graduation I opened a private practice here in Hamilton, Montana.  Continuing education has always been a priority for me.  Over the years I have been specially trained in areas such as orthodontics, implantology, TMJ, endodontics, oral surgery, botulinum toxin therapy and dermal fillers.  I am passionate about helping people in need of dental care. 
As a dentist I am well trained in the anatomy of the head and neck, the ability to give injections and very competent in 3D facial aesthetics.  I started practicing facial enhancement with botulinum toxins and dermal fillers in 2009.  After completing advanced dermal filler and botulinum toxin trainaing and frontline TMJ & Facial Pain therapy courses, I became a member of the AAFE (American Academy of Facial Esthetics).  I continue to spend many hours advancing my education in these areas.  I am passionate about helping folks to alleviate pain that is associated with TMJ and headaches as well as providing a beautiful esthetic outcome from these products.
I look forward to working with you and helping you attain both the esthetic look you are wanting as well as treating the pain you are experiencing.   Many of my patients have commented that receiving botulinum toxin treatments for pain has been a life-changing event for them!

My name is Lisa Kehmeier and I have been married to Dr. Kehmeier since 2004.  I came to work at the practice in the fall of 2008.  Although my background is in Finance, I have always had a passion for esthetics and health.  As the patient care coordinator it is my goal to ensure that you receive the best possible experience at our office, and that you are confident YOUR concerns have been addressed and are the focus of the consultation.  I have attended all of the continuing education courses for botulin toxin therapy and dermal fillers with Dr. Kehmeier.  Thus, allowing me to have the knowledge both from the clinical aspect of the products and injection techniques as the emotional side of patients concerns.
I am happy to answer any questions you may have either in person over the telephone.  

Lisa Kehmeier
Practice Manager and Patient Care Coordinator